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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How can your goals

Can You See The Reflection Of Your Success? by Mohammad Shafie
A rather inspirational verse from the hit song, Man In The Mirror', sung by none other than Michael Jackson,hell can not be abandoned without some form of altercation. Escape is not easy. Don't worry, I'm not here to blabber about his impressive singing skills and slick dance moves or the well documented eccentricities surrounding him and his lifestyle. More importantly, I will touch on how your world is just like one gigantic mirror and how it should be reflecting the success you hope to achieve in your life,3352 Ugg Bailey Button Mini Grey Boots.
You must first and foremost understand that your outer world or reality is a reflection and result of the actions of your inner world or reality. This simply means that your character, mentality, beliefs and thoughts are reflected in the surroundings, environment and people - family, friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, superiors, etc- you mix with in reality.
The more you ponder over certain things, situations, ideas, thoughts and people , the more closely you will focus on them in reality. Consequently, the more you notice things in reality that affirm what you are thinking about, the more you feel what you are believing or thinking is true even though there may be substantial evidence that prove otherwise.
For example, if you believe that all taxi drivers are reckless and inconsiderate and then see news reports on accidents caused by taxi drivers or you witness an accident involving a taxi driver (although he may not be the cause of it), you are more likely to stick by that belief although it may not be entirely true.
Now that you know the basics of reflection, take some time to ponder about the following to get a better reflection of your success:
1) Reflect closely on your mentality, beliefs and thoughts. How can you make them clearer, more concise and more positive so as to better shape your goals, dreams and aspirations?
2) How can your goals, dreams and aspirations be reflected in reality? What effective measures and actions can you take towards ensuring that they are reflected in your reality?
3) What evidence, success stories, successful people, etc that you can get information on to further affirm your thoughts and beliefs about your goals and aspirations so as to drive you to continue taking effective actions and pursuing those goals and aspirations?
Now,Too often, can you see the reflection of your success,A calling is who you are.?

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